My Reason for Obedience

April 23, 2024

As I prepare for my upcoming journey overseas, my mind keeps drifting back to the winding path that brought me here. A major part of that journey was my time at Mercy Hill, spanning both my college years and the two-year residency. These years weren’t just a program—they were a journey that reshaped, challenged, and ultimately brought me closer to Christ. So, join me as I look back on my global residency experience, a journey that deepened my faith and ignited a passion for discipleship.

One of the central pillars of my global residency experience had been intentional preparation for discipleship. Far beyond being just an observer or participant, the program had equipped me to actively engage in the Great Commission. Through seminary classes, mentorship, and hands-on ministry experiences, I had learned the art of disciple-making. From leading Discipleship-Making-Intensives to walking alongside individuals in their faith journey, the residency had provided a holistic approach to discipleship. One particular instance stands out vividly in my memory.

During a summer internship over-seas, I had the privilege of being mentored by a Sent One for two months. Through her humility and transparency, she had modeled what it means to walk closely with Christ amidst the challenges of cross-cultural ministry. Her guidance and encouragement had provided a steady anchor during that season and even to this day, reminding me of the importance of vulnerability and community in discipleship. Witnessing her eagerness to minister and her hunger for God’s Word had reaffirmed the significance of discipleship in fostering vibrant Christian communities. From formal mentorship relationships or informal conversations, I had gleaned wisdom and insight that had and would propel me forward in my spiritual journey and ministry.

Central to the heartbeat of my global residency experience was the mandate to share the gospel boldly and compassionately. Whether in bustling urban centers or remote mountain villages, the transformative power of the gospel can change lives everywhere. From leading evangelistic outreaches to engaging in meaningful conversations with seekers, the residency has instilled within me a passion for sharing the Gospel with all peoples in all places.

One particular moment stood etched in my memory. You never know how God is going to use you. One day I was at the gym when I felt God tell me to ask this other girl in my workout class out to lunch. As one would expect, I was nervous because I didn’t want to be weird, but I went forward anyway. I asked her, and she said she would like to go to lunch. It was at lunch that she started opening up and through tears she said that she had just prayed to God the night before, “Lord, if you love me you need to tell me, otherwise I am going to take my own life.” She knew that my asking her to lunch and our spiritual conversation was God telling her that He loved her. We never know why God is asking us to be obedient, all we can do is try our best to be obedient when He asks us to do something.

Perhaps the most significant aspect of my global residency journey had been the deepening of my walk with Christ. From moments of solitude in prayer to the fellowship of believers in diverse contexts, each experience had served as a catalyst for spiritual growth. Some of the deepest moments I had had with God were while in prayer in some beautiful places around the world. In these moments as I gazed at the breathtaking panoramas before me that God had created, each time I was overwhelmed by the realization of God’s sovereignty and presence is in every corner of the earth. And I may know that God’s sovereignty and presence are in every corner of the earth, but that does not mean that all peoples and languages give Him the credit. As I embarked on the next chapter of my journey, I do so with a heart ablaze with passion for Christ and a steadfast commitment to making disciples of all nations.

And that is why I go.

Global Missions Resident (2021-2023)